Hello, I am Sharma Radhakrishna and this is my website.

I have more than  of experience working between 4 IT Service companies in India. I started out as a Java/J2EE developer and still am one. In 2012 I certified myself on the Guidewire PolicyCenter product. Currently I lead a sizeable team of PolicyCenter developers. View my resume.

When I am not working professionally, I love working on Java graphics and animations. Over several years, I have implemented flocking, ants, boids, a little visual graphics here and there in Java applets. Ever since I learnt HTML5 canvas I have started to convert those little graphics animations into HTML5 canvas.

Most of these graphics animations are researches and implementations of algorithms I come across. For lack for a better word, I am calling them "Experiments". Experiments are done in either Java, Javascript, or other web technologies.

And finally, that's what MatKarma means in Sanskrit. My Deeds (or Works).

My experiments, blog, and links can be found below.

My Experiments
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My Blog
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